The Calgary Corn Mazes

When it comes to corn mazes, bigger is better. We're the home of the largest corn maze is Southern Alberta. When you're lost at the Calgary Corn Maze, you're not just wandering around aimlessly though. We have lots of activities to help you through. Each year, is a new design and a new challenge.

2018 Aerial Photo of the Maze - Superheros.

Sunflower Maze - A gorgeous field for photo ops. Blooms early to late-August.

Large Corn Maze - Our large corn maze is geared towards adults and older kids. It is over 10 acres in size (about the size of ten football fields, and over twice the size of any other corn maze in the Calgary area). It consists of two phases, each which takes 30 to 50 minutes to complete depending how fast you go and how many wrong turns you make. If you try to find all stations hidden in the maze you can fully expect to be in the maze at least another 40 minutes. There are two look out bridges in the maze (one in each phase) for visitors to use.

Night time maze navigation (Flashlight Nights) takes a little longer and adds another exciting dimension to maze exploration. The quickest route if you absolutely made no wrong turns (which has never happened yet) will take approximately 45 minutes per phase.

Small Corn Maze - For visitors that would like a taste of the corn maze, but not the whole thing, we have a smaller 3-acre maze that takes approximately 20 minutes to find the 5 hidden stations and complete the maze. This maze is great for families with smaller children.

Lifecycle of the Corn Maze - The corn typically reaches its peak height in mid to late August. In a typical growing year, the typical lifecycle of the corn is as follows:

  • Late-July: Corn reaches 6 feet and above
  • Mid August: Corn reaches 8 feet and above
  • Early-September or when the first hard frost occurs: Corn begins changing from green to fall yellow, and plant height and density begins to shrink
  • Late-September to early-October: Corn is full yellow in color. Height of the field is dependent on weather (wind, snow, etc.)
  • End of season: The corn is harvested before the snow settles in for the winter

When the corn reaches 5 feet and above, it is tall enough that people can no longer determine which path to take next although they may be able to see over the tops of the corn.

2017 maze design - 150 years of Canada

2015 maze design - Way to go Stamps - Grey Cup Champs!

The 2014 Calgary Corn Maze recognized two great organizations in our city, The Calgary Flames and Inn From the Cold.

The 2013 Calgary Corn Maze is a tribute to our local heros. The day was a bit foggy when this was photographed. Thanks for the aerial photo Warren!

The 2012 Calgary Corn Maze - The Corn Jungle